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SPM Treatment
‘Semi-Permanent Mascara’ is the latest trend in our perennial quest for bigger, curlier, longer, thicker lashes. Not surprisingly, when traditional lash tinting is crossed with waterproof mascara, your dull eyelashes will appear to have gained renewed strength.

semi-permanent-mascara at Ultimate Lash And Brow


These well-defined lashes have the power to withstand the most rigorous exercise routines, and will suffer through the most tormented teardrops. They are excellent for making your eyes stand out, especially if you do not wear makeup. Semi-Permanent Mascara can be strategically applied to both the top and the bottom lashes, where they are often difficult to neatly adhere.

Although the treatment is similar to the traditional mascara application, Semi-Permanent Mascara must be applied professionally. As the process requires the services of a trained technician, clients cannot purchase the product separately

With a lovely darkened effect that lasts weeks, the process takes 30-60 minutes, allowing some sensitive eyes to play along, too. During the treatment, you can expect the lashes to be cleaned, curled, and dipped with a special coating. Before you know it, the process is complete and you are ready to step out into the limelight!

The appeal of Semi-Permanent Mascara is obvious. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to wake up looking gorgeous every day? Wouldn’t you like to sleep in just a couple of minutes longer, knowing that you don’t need to make time for applying eye make up in the morning?

Imagine not having to worry about your mascara running during a physical activity, or blocking your tear duct. The choice is simple: re-energize your dull lashes with Semi-Permanent Mascara, and forget about them!

Product: Semi-Permanent Mascara is 100% waterproof and works best on natural eyelashes. It adds volume and length to your lashes that lasts 2-3 weeks.  

Services: The Semi-Permanent Mascara treatment is an option for men/women who want to look a bit more refreshed as well as for male models and public speakers who do not want the commitment of eyelash extensions. It is a great alternative for anyone who simply wishes to add volume to his/her natural lashes.

Semi-Permanent Mascara Top Lashes
30-45 min Treatment
Natural Look……………$75

Semi-Permanent Mascara Bottom Lashes
Natural Look……………$45 

Highly Recommended for light color lashes client. Brunette/dark natural lashes will not be as obvious as lighter lashes.
Semi-Permanent Mascara at Ultimate Lash And Brow

Semi-Permanent Mascara at Ultimate Lash and Brow


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