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Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Extensions

This revolutionary technique allows our stylists to recreate volume to once full brows. Correct over tweezed or over waxed brows. Fill in gaps,and even cover scars with the end result of that ever elusive perfect brow. Large variety of colors to match any brow and the finished look is completely natural.  

Eyebrow hair extensions are a combination of art and science using semi-permanent adhesive and human hair to effectively mimic your own naturally growing brow hair. The brow hair is extended by delicately attaching to already existing individual hair; one hair at a time into the areas of the brow.  

We offer this to both women and men. Each client receives customized artistically designed brow shape that fits your eye. We are skilled at reshaping and creating a new brow or restoring and enhancing your natural brow. The choice is yours!

Client below has "Brow Building" Shape on brows.
Photos are untouched and taken with cell phone camera.
No make-up apply before and after treatment.

Eyebrow Extension

Filling and defining already present brows. Time: 30min - 40 Brow Hair extensions to natural brow hair on each brow  

Thin Shaped Brows $80:
Builds thicker, fuller-looking brows
Time: 60min - 80 Brow Hair extensions to natural brow hair on each brow  

Thick Shaped Brows $115:
"DEFINE Brows"
Creating a more youthful and polished brow. Time: 90min - 120 Brow Hair extensions to natural brow hair on each brow  

Ultra Thick Brows $150:
"WOW Bold Brows"
Bold brows are BACK and we're loving it!
Time:120min - 160 Brow Hair extensions to natural brow hair on each brow 

*Brow Gap fill in is required for maintenance.

At ULB we Promised the most natural looking brow!!

For client that does not have natural brow hair we recommend

Ultimate Lash & Brow Eyebrow Wig

Interesting Information:

Do Tweezed Hairs Grow Back?

The answer is yes and no. Tweezed eyebrow hairs can grow back but this doesn’t happen overnight. Hairs on different parts of the body have variable rates of growth. It takes about 64 days for eyebrow hair to grow in after it is plucked. However, the length of time can be longer if the hair or hairs you want to grow back are in their resting phase.

There is an exception to this: If you have been tweezing the same area for a long time it may be too late. Eyebrow hair is very sensitive to injury. Repeated plucking can permanently damage the hair root, which will prevent the hair from ever growing back (Sources: and Archives of Facial and Plastic Surgery, July-September 1999, pages 223-224).