TheLashStudios - Pioneering the new standard of premuim eyelash extensions.

They've been enhanced, but no one will know.
With the expertise and artistry of Ultimate lash & Brow lash stylist, no will ever know you've had your lash enhanced.
The look is so natural, they''ll  think you were born with a stunning lashes.

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The safest and most marketed eyelash extension adhesives mean little if not in the hands of skilled, and certified stylist.
Lash Extensions Appointment :
Please come in with clean lashes free of cosmetics the day of the procedure/touch-up. If you wear waterproof mascara, please do not use for several days (3) before your appointment because it leaves a film that prevent our adhesive from bonding to your lash (hair shaft/cuticle).  You can use
oil free  mascara if you must wear mascara. Please read your email confirmation/reminder on how to prepare for your lash session.
**** Please remove your contacts prior to your eyelash extension appointment. You may put them back in several hours after your eyelash extension procedure so please bring your prescription glasses if you have to wear glasses to drive.

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